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Our company began in 1994 under the name of 2 Hats Chimney Services, Inc.  Established by my brother, Scott was a full time Officer in the Prince George's Fire Department.  In the beginning when he was working shift work, he decided to fill some of his off days by inspecting and cleaning chimneys.  Since then, he has retired, yet continues to sweep chimneys under his own company name of "The Chimney Guy".  He is located in Annapolis. 

The original name of the company was created because Scott determined that as a firefighter, if he had to come and put a fire out, he would wear his fire fighter's hat; however, if he could prevent a fire from happening by inspecting or cleaning a fireplace, then he would wear his chimney sweeping hat instead.  This is where the name of 2 Hats Chimney Services came from. 

In 1997, I joined with my brother and we expanded the business to cleaning air ducts as well as fireplaces.  The company name was changed to 2 Hats Chimneys & Ducts, Inc.  Together we traveled out to Las Vegas where we trained for air duct cleaning with a company called Air Care.  They are an industry leader of almost 60 years of cleaning air ducts, and more recently into the training and equipping of the industry. 

Together, we began to grow our business, and somewhere along the way, one of our customers asked us if we could clean out her dryer vent while we were cleaning the air ducts.  We had never thought of it, but said we would check it out.  How surprised we were to find out how dirty the dryer vent was, but more importantly, how thoroughly clean we got it before we were finished.  And without realizing it, we expanded into cleaning dryer vents as well. 

In 2001, for personal reasons and due to being re-scheduled back to day-to-day rather than shift work, Scott resigned from the company.  Just recently he retired from the Fire Department, but continues to sweep chimneys on a full-time basis. 

We have since expanded a little.  In 2014, Kenwyn Ward joined as an independent contractor to do chimney repair.  Kenwyn can do just about anything to a chimney that is needed.  He does all the re-lines, brick and cement repairs, replacing prefab walls, installing chimney caps and lock top dampers, etc.  About the only thing Kenwyn can't do is to tear down and re-build a chimney from the bottom to the top.  However, we also have someone that can take care of that too, if necessary. 

To date, we continue to clean dryer vents, clean and inspect fireplaces, and do chimney repairs.  That's it; that's all we do.  (No, we donít clean windows, and NO, we donít do gutters.)  Over the years, we have made associations with a variety of excellent companies that are owner/operators that do all the other types of work.  We will be happy to refer you to their services if they are needed. 

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