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MHIC # 132361



These are our standard charges to clean each type of fireplace.  Fireplace inspections are already included in the cleaning charges. 

Annual Inspection $85.00
Level I Visual Inspection Only $195.00
Level II Video Scan of chimney flue $295.00
Prefab fireplace cleaning $215.00
Masonry fireplace cleaning $215.00
Wood Stove insert/freestanding/pellet $285.00
Oil/HVAC flue $385.00

If your fireplace does not need to be cleaned but can be inspected as is, there is only a $65.00 charge for the inspection.  On average, about 25-35% of the fireplaces don't need to be cleaned, just inspected.  However, you should always consider it mandatory that you have your fireplace inspected and cleaned prior to your selling or buying a home. 


Our suggestion as to when to clean your fireplace is based on how much wood you typically burn each week.  The following can be used as a guideline. 

  • If you average 1 fire a week during wood burning season, clean every 3 years
  • If you average 2 fires a week during wood burning season, clean every 2 years
  • If you average 3 or more fires a week during wood burning season, clean annually
  • If you have burned 1 1/2 cords of wood since your last cleaning. 
  • If you annually burn more than 2 cords of wood, clean annually
  • If you have been told of a 3rd Stage creosote condition, inspect annually

Other times to clean your fireplace include: 

  • If you are buying or selling a house. 
  • If you are having a problem with the "sooty" smell coming from your fireplace. 
  • If you think there is a new "family" that has decided to move in to your chimney flue. 
  • If you want to convert from a wood burning fireplace to a gas or propane fireplace. 
  • If your Homeowners Association mandates that you have it cleaned and inspected regularly.  (We will discount for both the Association, as well as take VERY GOOD care of you too!) 
  • If it has been longer than 10 years and you want some peace of mind about it. 


We will first come in and inspect your fireplace to see whether it needs to be cleaned or not.  If we can inspect it without having to clean it (if we think it can go through another year as it is without any problems), then we will only inspect it and charge you accordingly. 

If it needs to be cleaned, we will tell you and immediately proceed to setting up to clean the fireplace.  We first will lay down a tarp on the floor in front of the fireplace; if needed we will also cover furniture.  We will then turn on our 20-gallon, HEPA filtered vacuum and it will stay on the whole time of the cleaning.  The vacuum is not necessarily to pick up all of the ash and soot as much as it is to control the chimney dust.  If necessary, we will then take the damper out and proceed to clean the chimney flue all the way to the top of the chimney.  WE CLEAN CHIMNEYS FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE, FROM THE BOTTOM UP.  The soot and ash will fall downward, and when finished, we will scoop it all up and remove it from the fireplace, by shovel and bucket(s).  Once the chimney flue is cleaned, we will then clean the smoke shelf, chamber, re-install the damper, and then proceed to clean out the firebox.  We then check to make sure the glass doors, if any, are correctly installed and that the screens work properly, and so on... 

When we have finished with the cleaning and all materials and equipment have been removed, we will then tell you of the condition of your fireplace.  We will either label it as "inspection passed, or, ok to burn", or we will "condemn" your fireplace and ask you not to use it until necessary repairs have been made.  We will then ask for payment of services. 


Quite simply, a hazardous fireplace can burn your house down with you in it.  I don't want that on my conscience, EVER!  However, our promise to you is that we will be happy to show and tell you until you are satisfied as to why we have to condemn it, and we will give you as many alternatives as we can. 

For your own safety and our own liability, if we find a fire hazard or condition with your fireplace that needs to be repaired prior to use, we will notify you accordingly and ask you not to use the fireplace until the necessary repairs have been made.  If we determine that we cannot fix the repairs ourselves, an outside contractor will be needed to make the necessary repairs, however, we will be happy to return after repairs have been made and inspect your chimney again for free. 


  • Re-point the firebox
  • Seal or replace the crown
  • Install chimney caps or glass doors
  • Replace cracked or broken panels
  • Install a new damper
  • Waterproof your chimney
  • Re-line chimney flues
  • Major brickwork

NOTE:  On average, less than 3% of the fireplaces that we inspect each year are condemned. 


When we have committed to an appointment, we will be ready to spend the time to clean your fireplace.  However, that doesn't necessarily mean that it needs to be cleaned.  Let me explain.

We will first determine if we can inspect it without cleaning it.  It may already be cleaned enough for us to be able to see up the flue without any major visible soot build up.  We will do a complete and thorough inspection and leave it with you, charging you accordingly. 

If we determine that it is too dirty to allow it go through another wood burning season before its next cleaning, then we will suggest that it be cleaned immediately, and with your acknowledgement, we will proceed to clean it. 

If we determine that we cannot inspect it because of its dirtiness, then we will tell you it needs to be cleaned and will proceed to clean it. 

Bottom line, we will not waste your time and money, nor our own energy, unless it is a must that it be cleaned. 

There are 2 different kinds of inspections. 


The Level I inspection is a 21-point visual inspection of the entire chimney and firebox, both from the inside and the outside.  We will only go up on the roof if you ask us to or we deem it necessary, however, we will charge you accordingly. 


The Level II inspection is a Video Scan of the inside of your chimney flue, in addition to the Level I, or, visual inspection.  This is a mandatory inspection when purchasing or selling your home. 

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