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In order to properly clean your dryer vent we will need to come inside your house first.  We will pull out your dryer if able and vacuum the floor behind it, under it, around it, and also the back of the dryer itself.  The flexible hose attached from your dryer to the wall will be removed and cleaned out, looking to keep its integrity, and replacing it if necessary.  Once everything has been cleaned we will then reposition the flexible duct and the dryer and turn it on. 

From outside the house, we will find where the dryer vent exits, and by use of ladder if needed, will proceed to clean the vent.  We use a reversible air hose (the air whisk at the end of the hose pushes the air backwards), and we will insert the air hose into the vent.  As our air hoses are 35 feet long, it will typically pull itself all the way back to the dryer. The farther back the air hose goes, the more lint will come out of the vent.

Our method of dryer vent cleaning will remove everything from the vent (and I really do mean everything!)  It will go through bird's nest(s); lint; water; socks; dryer sheets; etc…  All of it will come to the outside of the house. 

As difficult as it is to describe, you really have to see it to believe it.  Check out our short video to see for yourself what I am talking about.  And yes, that really is me up there on the ladder cleaning out those dryers! 


The timing of your dryer vent cleaning is totally dependent on how many loads of laundry you average a week.  To begin with, if you have never had your dryer vent cleaned, it is time to do it now. 

  • After it has been thoroughly cleaned, we suggest no less than every 5 years. 
  • If you average more than 5 loads of laundry weekly, we suggest no less than every 3 years. 
  • If you average more than 10 loads of laundry weekly, we suggest an annual cleaning.  We do reduce our charges for an annual cleaning. 


  • You probably already know that something is wrong with your dryer because it may be taking way too long to dry your clothes.  How many cycles does it take for your clothes to dry?  2?  3?  All day? 
  • Do you turn your dryer on and a couple of minutes goes by, you touch your dryer and if feels like you might burn your hand? 
  • Have you noticed birds coming in and out of your dryer vent?  Do you hear them ”singing” to you at all hours of the day? 

These are classic signs that your dryer is not venting properly. 

If you were to call the dryer repairman, he will come out and take 2 seconds to look at your dryer.  He'll tell you it is not the dryer, but the vent that is clogged.  He'll charge you his service fee, and tell you he'll have to come back after the vent has been cleaned.  IN 99% OF THE TIME HE IS CORRECT!  It is hardly ever the dryer that is the problem, it is almost always the vent that is clogged. 

Save yourself his service fee, and call us.  You can be sure you will not regret your decision to make that call to us first. 

Bird guards are an option to keep the birds from nesting in your dryer or bathroom vents.  We will gladly install them for a modest fee when we finish cleaning out the vent. 

WE DO NOT SERVICE DRYERS.  We have very experienced appliance repairmen that we will gladly refer you to. 


  • We charge a standard, flat fee of $195.00 to clean out your dryer vent, from both inside and outside. 
  • Bird guards are purchased and installed for an additional $15.00 each, while we are there; additional charges will apply if we return to install later. 
  • If the flexible hose needs to be replaced, there is an additional charge of $15.00

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